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December 2021

Dear investors and friends, 

we have decided to close the website. The reason for this is that it takes us too much time to keep it up to date. 

All information about the performance of the funds can still be found on the PMG Fondsmanagement or Swissfund Data site. The performance overview of the easywealth mandates can be obtained from the ZKB or from MRB Vermögensverwaltung. 

In case you like to contact us, please send us an email at: 


Thank you for your understanding. 


May 2021

IO SLI maybe best Swiss Equity Fund for 2021 +23.58% ytd...

IO DOW new all-time high $208.97... arr 18.42% since inception 4.3years

April 2021

THE LONGHEDGE  subscribtion period starts soon - Swiss Fund by PMG AG, Zurich

March 2021

IO FUNDS - 1year COVID-19 Returns vs ETF benchmark.... 

Report here...

IO DOW  hits +100% return, after 4 years outperforming the ETF by over 20%...

IO SLI  hits +50% return, after 2 years since inception - arr 23.25%...

February 2021

THE LONGHEDGE  by IO FUNDS and BucherFinanzmarktanalysen...

FACTSHEET, Presentation

January 2021

IO DOW new all-time-high  USD 185.10 arr (p.a.) 16.77%....

THE LONGHEDGE  by IO FUNDS soon on this channel...

IO DOW new all-time high - USD 184.04... accumulated annual rate of return 16.69%

NEW BIO TECH by IO FUNDS and in coorporation with ZKB, ZH live!

more here....

December 2020

IO SLI maybe best performing equity fund in Switzerland for 2020

+15.64% ytd beating the ETF bm by over 8% for the year...

November  2020

ready for BIO TECH with IO FUNDS..more soon here....

IO DOW...NEW - all time high  USD 170.28 arr 14.23%...

IO DAX...... +70.30% from March low to end of November... beating all European indicies

October 2020

IO DOW...NEW - all time high  USD 169.73 arr 15.28%... 12.10.2020

IO SLI maybe best performing equity fund in Switzerland for 2020...over 12% outperformance against Swiss Leader Index and the rest...

September 2020

IO  DOW new all time high USD 168.71/ +68.71% within 3.7 years

IO SLI  new all time high CHF 127.00 / +27% within 1.5years

August 2020

IO SLI outpeformance +11.00% vs ETF benchmark....

the IO SLI (SwissMarket) outperformance achieved 11% since launch March2019 vs ETF benchmark...

IO  DOW all-time-high USD 164.09 annual return of return acc +14.75%

IO  FUNDS STRONG in COVID-19 recovery rally....

from 23 March 2020 to 26 August 2020, the IO DOW achieved +53.45% (ETF +53.70%), the IO DAX +55.52% (ETF +50.25%).... 

July 2020

IO  SLI outperformance vs ETF SLI +6.30% for the year...

Passive investment strategy, same investment universe, different composition and weighting vs ETF benchmark... more here...

Sophisticated portfolio management by certificates in USD, EUR, CHF 

min.size 100.00 (USD,EUR,CHF). 

Investment Partners:

MRB AG, ZH (Asset Manager)

ZKB, ZH (Issuer)

June 2020

IO DOW FUNDS after 3 years 5 STARS...

A strong result after 3 challanging years in equity markets. The systematic, rule-based approach was able to navigate our investors through different market conditions without damage and emotions. Market drops (Q4 2018), rallies 2017,2019 and a crash like Covid-19 with storng short term rebounds were no reason for the strategy not to (out)perform against their ETF benchmark.

IO DAX Fund +54.58% since March 18 2020 - +9.29% outperformance vs ETF benchmark....

The financial markets are unpredictable, as we have just learned again. Therefore it is important to pursue a focused investment strategy. The IO strategy, which is systematic and rule-based, was able to prove its full strength even in the strong recovery phases of Covid-19. Investors were able to enjoy above-average performance during the strong recovery. This is usually not the case with most active investment strategies, as they always lag behind the market. Emotions and noises influence the investment decisions and thus the long-term performance. 

May 2020

Systematic Portfolio Solutions by IO Funds  

Strong performance in 2020 - European Strategy outperforming the Stoxx600 and EuroStoxx by +5.08%, +7.26% after fees.... - more...

Finaport Investment Partner - NEW 

Systematic, rule-based investment strategy - watch the video

Why we don't invest in Gold - IO Funds Systematic Portfolio Solution

Gold as a seperat asset class is in our view a risk - watch the video

April 2020


IO DOW +11.36%, IO DAX +12.84%, IO SLI +9.67%

out of the frying pan into the fire!

Investors still SELL low and BUY high!

As a fund manager, you have the advantage of the little secret of Investor behavior! The IO Fund strategy is built for long-term investors, who don't like to trade, believe in the long term-global growth of the economy, and know that the financial market is "random-walk" and not predictable. 
But the reality looks very different -! Investors still trade in-and-out within our funds. They normally buy HIGH and SELL low. Fascinating for us as managers to see this "live" on a daily basis. 

The fear and greed are very close. So it's no surprise that the BEST and WORST days of an equity market are also very "close."

April 2020 was the BEST month since 1987 for the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 Index! Sad for those with thought they can predict the market and sold their investments.

And we would not be surprised if they come back and try to be a smart stock picker.  out of the frying pan into the fire!

Why it's not different this time!  - watch the video here


March 2020

IO DAX Fund - the European market was over the last 2 years a difficult place for investors. In the last months, the IO DAX fund had his most difficult time since we run the strategy (2004). However, in recent weeks we have seen a significant resistance of our strategy to the benchmark, which means that it is beginning to outperform its ETF peer. Time to invest into the European equity market? Time will tell as always. 

IO Dow Jones Fund -  despite difficult markets and Covid-19, the IO Dow Jones Fund was able to outperform the SPDR ETF DIA by +7.50% net performance since inception Jan 2017

IO Systematic Mandates by Finaport -  the systematic investment approach shows, that diversification is key in rebounds and long-term performance... go to chart

DAX INDEX arr 11.25% 1950-2019 -  does the Dax Index behave differently than the other indices.. follow on youtube 

February 2020

IO DOW - NAV 163.23% - all time high within 2y 11mths;

annual rate of return 17.12%

December 2019

all the best and see you in 2020! 

IO DOW strategy since 2004 +351.57%   9.88%p.a. acc return

IO DAX strategy since  2004 +275.95%   6.77% p.a. acc return

November 2019

IO DOW - NAV 155.06 +55.06% - all time high within 2y 11mths!

October 2019

Welcome to....

easywealth - our new partner for our systematic mandate solutions. Certificates issued by Zurcher Kantonalbank, Zurich and managed based on the IO mandate strategy.

September 2019

New Certificate... be ready more...8 October 2019 on this page

August 2019

left the IO DOW and right the IO DAX performance

IO Strategy - Annual Rate of Return since inception (Jan 2004; Funds Jan 2017)

IO Dow +9.40%p.a. IO DAX 8.03%p.a. as of 28.8.2019

July 2019

29 2019 all time high  IO DOW USD 150.70 / +50.70% within 29 months beating the ETF benchmark by over 5.9% net.

The Best US Large Cap Funds A study of 107 US Large Cap Funds shows...>

June 2019

Liqudity, Fund Size When it comes to fund selection, investor check the duration (since inception) of a fund, assets under management and other criterias.

In our view what really matters is: liquidity of the fund and the funds investments (underlying), performance since launch against benchmark, volatility - all the rest is "good to know" but will not help you to make any forecast about the fund strategy!

Control what you can control and don't speculate!

May 2019

IO DAX Strategy 5 Year Performance vs ETF Benchmark


As of 29 May 2019, the IO DAX Strategy outperformed the ETF benchmark by 3.18%p.a. net

March 2019

IO SLI Index Certificate - NEW ISSUE


Welcome to IO Funds new Certificate on the SLI Index. Based on the same strategy of the IO Funds DOW and DAX, we are proud to expand our Index Outperform Strategy family.

The advantage of the certificate is the minimum size of investments / CHF 1000.00

Leonteq Securities AG Schweiz (Rating BBB- Fitch) is the Index Calc Agent. PMG AG and IO Funds are the Index Sponsor.

More informations and risk disclosure  can be find in the term sheet or on the daily price update under.....


LEONTEQ Securities AG, Schweiz


no investment advise or recommendation!

November 2018

In November, the IO Dow is ranked 13th in international ranking of over 3373 equity funds worldwide based on the 1 year performance (+11%) 


a strong number, as we fight against funds with hedge strategies or a much broader universe...(FX influence)

October 2018

despite difficult market conditions, IO Funds are still outperforming their ETF benchmarkets... 

since inception +4.08% net  since inception +5.72% net

September 2018

IO Dow all time high

USD 147.69 +47.69%

since Jan 2017,  inception

January 2018

1 year live


14 years up and running

Happy Birthday - One Year IO Funds with a very strong (out)performance against ETF benchmark! Keep them going and all the best...


14 years systematic, rule-based investment approach

  6 years live as mandate solution

  2 years live as listed certificate

  1 year open to the public as Luxembourg Funds


IO DOW Jones Fund

December 2017

November 2017

Finaport Ltd, Zürich

October 2017

  • IO-DAX outperformance continues...
  • IO-DAX and DOW Ytd over 20% performance...
  • within 9 months the AuM of the IO-Funds has doubled
  • IO-Funds fund manager team... 

September 2017

IO-DAX Fund (1mth perf)

  • No 2 of 867 Luxembourg 
  • No 5 of 3204 America 
  • No 5 of 3463 Global 

IO-DAX Fund (3mth perf)

  • No 12 of 857 Luxembourg 
  • No 29 of 3179 America 
  • No 34 of 3437 Global 

January 2017

After 14 years only for family and friends, we open our strategy to the public. 

Welcome to the IO Funds DAX and DOW Jones. 


Investing without emotion, this is our promise. Focused, rule-based, systematic. For a long-term outperfromance to our benchmark (ETF or index)