invest without emotions

invest without emotions

be relaxed 

Systematic Discretionary Mandates

focused - disciplined - no emotions

Delegateing the wealth management to an investment professional it's a question of trust. The so called "added value" may end in a sobering result. High costs, low performance, lot of products and finally an incomprehensible strategy


Our mandate solution is based on our IO strategy and academic research. Systematic, focused, rule based, with a passive investment style and an active asset allocation. No currency bets, no derivatives, no leverage, only physical investments. Well diversified, easy to understand, easy to follow. Risk allocation based on clients risk profile




- easy to understand 


- easy to follow 


- easy to invest 


Competitive management fee, no performance fee, no trading, no products, no fancy investment ideas, no surprises

Free of emotions and business decisions


build for a long term performance and relax

Our Solution and Partners




past performance is NO guarantee of future results!