invest without emotions

invest without emotions

Investing it's like cooking

You can cook without any knowledge, if you have a microwave. You can buy an Index Tracker and you may have the same "experience"


good enough to be happy, not enough to be satisfied long term


You can visit a fancy, stylish restaurant, that everybody "has to go to". You can invest in active equity managers, where 90% of them will never beat their bench mark in the long term and still charge you for underperformance


it is a question of quality, cost and performance

The IO-Recipe

A long term equity investment strategy into well-known world indices

A systematic (no emotions) equity selection of stocks within the index with the advantage of passive investing and no currency risk

Low trading activity to enhance performance and keep costs low

Physical holdings, no trading, no leverage, no credit, no lending, no performance fee 


the promise and aim only to outperform on the long run

The Guest

We focus on guests (Investors) with a long term investment horizon. Investors with the patience and understanding, that daily price fluctuation is "noise" and only emotions (2016/17 the years of emotions, China, Brexit, Trump etc). In the long run, all these noises have no influence if you own blue chips stocks with a long track record (cashflow, debt, dividend stream) - stay focused


our recipe is not a new finding, you just have to do it