invest without emotions

invest without emotions

We believe

Nobody can consistently predict the market. Therefore, the IO-Funds strategy takes a systematic approach, with the advantage of being free from emotions

We believe in passive investing with a systematic stock selection process 


outperformance opportunity with a passive investment style

About us

IO-Funds focus on achieving a strong, long term equity outperformance against their respective benchmark 

Low costs, low trading activity, no emotions and compound income are the key drivers of long term performance


the biggest risk in investing is the investors own emotions

Our focus

Our experience over the last 35 years has convinced us, that the success of investing is based on a clear focus

We focus only on stocks included in the major indices, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Index, DAX Index, SLI Index or other major markets

The stocks selected for our Funds are top quality blue chips, household names that everybody recognizes and can follow

We do not just add the "basket", but rather choose a focused selection from the index

We hold all positions directly, no derivatives, no lending, no leverage, no performance fee, no currency risk

The Richest People Are Not Diversified, they are focused